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9 Must-have Accessories for Snipers for PRS Shooting

Accessories are one of the very important components of a sniper system. We are in the 21st century, and many gadgets make our lives easier, including in shooting. There are certain items without which your shooting efficiency could be very low or even non-existent.

Electronic Level

An electronic level is an advanced tool used in shooting, to ensure that equipment remains perfectly horizontal or vertical. Unlike traditional spirit levels, which rely on the visual alignment of a bubble in a fluid-filled vial, electronic levels use sensors and digital displays to provide a precise measurement of angles. This is how you can get more accurate feedback. Even the sharpest eye is no match for a high-tech sensor.

We recommend using SG Pulse as one of the most advanced devices on the market.

Electronic level

Key Features:

  • Digital leveling. SG Pulse is equipped with a digital electronic level that delivers instant and accurate leveling feedback, which is especially valuable compared to traditional spirit levels. The device uses bright LEDs that allow shooters to see if the rifle is leveled through peripheral vision. You could continue to look through the scope, but you would still see the LEDs.
  • Stability mode. This mode provides feedback on the minute of angle (MOA), assisting shooters in deciding the optimal moment to trigger a shot for enhanced accuracy.
  • Cosine indication. SG Pulse features a cosine indication to measure angles for uphill and downhill shots, providing essential data for adjusting aim.
  • Smart connectivity. It can connect to the Drills app through a smartphone or smartwatches, allowing users to monitor measurements, customize settings, record training sessions, and track progress through a companion app.

SG Pulse is already available for pre-order. The shipping is expected in July 2024.

Pre-order SG Pulse

Pocket Weather Tracker

Version 1.0.0

The first item to discuss is the weather station used, the Kestrel 4500. It’s a compact and very convenient device that measures wind direction, wind speed, temperature, pressure, and many other parameters that are often not even used in shooting. There are several types of this device; the regular 4500 and a 5500 with Bluetooth are available. A simpler device is often considered better because Bluetooth does not always connect, requires downloading a separate app, and can be difficult to activate.


Next in importance is the rangefinder. The ICUGR rangefinder is one of the good examples.  Picatinny Rail System giving the operator the ability to range man-sized targets out to 1500 meters (± 1 meter), depending on conditions, without taking hands off the weapon system. A single CR123 battery provides power for 3000+ LRF ranging events.

Ballistic Calculator

A ballistic calculator is also very important for shooting. To execute a single shot, one needs to consider at least 20 different parameters and understandings — from the thermal dependence of the powder to the type and weight of the bullet, and from pressure and wind for distances greater than a kilometer and a half. The Coriolis effect, which is the movement of the Earth, also needs consideration. These calculations cannot be maintained in one’s head nor precisely calculated without assistance, which is why a calculator app downloadable onto a regular phone is used. The Trimble Recon Horus Ballistic Calculator is favored because it offers the most extensive data on different bullet types and cartridges.

Active Headphones

Another accessory used not only in sport shooting but also in military applications is active headphones. These devices block decibels that can negatively affect the nervous system. Particularly with certain muzzle brakes and compensators that produce reactive effects, the noise can even cause mild concussions. Therefore, headphones should effectively block sound. And if you still don’t use them, now is the time to start. Keep your hearing safe.

Cartridge Wallet

A very necessary accessory is the cartridge wallet. A cartridge wallet is a specialized accessory designed to ensure that ammunition is kept in optimal condition regardless of environmental factors. Typically made from durable materials like Cordura fabric, which is known for its resistance to water and abrasion, the cartridge wallet plays a crucial role in a shooter’s kit. What’s important is that when one moves, it makes no noise.

Miscellaneous Bag Filled with Buckwheat

The miscellaneous bag filled with buckwheat is a versatile accessory for any sniper. Primarily used as a stable and adjustable rest for the rifle, it can significantly dampen pulse and involuntary hand movements, thereby enhancing shooting accuracy.  This bag allows for fine adjustments in rifle elevation with simple hand pressures, facilitating precise aiming without the need for significant movement that could reveal the shooter’s position.

Portable First Aid Kit

A must-have item for any shooter is a first aid kit. It should contain items for basic weapon maintenance such as brushes, screwdrivers, patches, and polishing paste, ensuring that minor repairs on the weapon can be performed if necessary. For long excursions, it is important to have a first aid kit ready.

And, of course, when taking care of your rifle, don’t forget about your own health. It will be useful to have with you:

  • Bandages and gauze
  • Antiseptic wipes and creams
  • Pain relief medication
  • Emergency blanket
  • Antihistamines
  • SPF Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • And more (if needed)

Shot Timer

Accuracy of shot timer

A shot timer is a must-have tool for any shooter looking to improve speed and accuracy under time pressure. Not only for PRS snipers, but basically for all shooters. It is used to detect shot times, which is helpful for long-term consistency and learning from past experiences.

We recommend using SG Timer and SG Timer GO. They are durable, waterproof, hold a charge for a long time, and have high accuracy in recording results. In addition, the timer (just like SG Pulse) can be synchronized with the Drills application, where it is convenient to train, record videos, and track progress.

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