SG Timer 2

Shooters Global Introduces NEW SG Timer 2

SG Timer has long been a favorite among shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike. Known for its advanced features, smart sensor, high precision, and advanced features in the Drills app, the SG Timer has always been a top choice in the market. And now it gets even better!

Why the SG Timer is Popular

The SG Timer conquered the market for many reasons. Its unique screen is easy to read in any light. 

It detects shots from AEG, CO2, and any firearm, even suppressed ones. Echo filtering makes sure all data is captured, and other shots nearby don’t interrupt your statistics.

The SG Timer is light, water-resistant, and easy to carry. It has a long battery life of up to 30 days of regular use and charges quickly via USB-C.

SG Timer is already used by top-level IPSC shooters, trainers, and law enforcements, including World Champion JJ Racaza.

But now it is getting even better!

Meet the SG Timer 2

We are excited to release the new SG Timer. As accurate as always, but now even more functional.

  • Increased volume. Turn the volume up to max and the timer will be louder than any timer we’ve ever created. Or connect it to your smartwatch and turn the volume down to min — this way you can use watch vibration instead of beep so as not to disturb people around.
  • Buzzer directed towards the ear. Never miss a signal. Even in very loud environments. Even with double-layer headphones.
  • New mount: Easier and more secure attachment, as an alternative to the old one.
  • Increased Bluetooth range. Now the shot timer has even better connectivity. The signal is still strong even at a large distance.
  • Synchronization via NFC. Easy pairing with your smartphone and smartwatch via NFC technology.
  • New texture. Improved grip and comfort. New stylish design.

Now SG Timer is even better. This makes it the best choice for serious shooters.

Order Your New SG Timer

Our best shot timer ever is already available for sale. It’s perfect for competitive shooters, range officers, or anyone looking to improve their skills. Order now — and feel the difference!

*2-year warranty
**Free shipping

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