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Best Shot Timer for IPSC Shooters

Every IPSC shooter must have a personal shot timer if they want to train effectively and place well in competitions. In this article we will tell you about the best shot timer for IPSC (and why it is so good).

What makes a good IPSC shot timer

  • Accurate shot detection. Of course, the main thing is to detect shots precisely, even in rapid sequences.
  • Adjustable sensitivity. A good timer must adapt to different calibers and conditions.
  • Loud buzzer. Audible over gunfire and noise.
  • Multiple start modes. Instant, delayed, and random start options.
  • Data storage. Stores shot strings for review.

SG Timer: Best Shot Timer for IPSC

Review by Production Optic World Champion JJ Racaza:

The SG Shot Timer is the top choice for International Practical Shooting Confederation shooters due to its high accuracy and adjustable sensitivity, essential for precise shot detection in various conditions​. Its durable, splash-proof construction withstands harsh environments, and its impressive battery life lasts up to 100 hours, reducing recharging frequency​.

The intuitive user interface features a large, backlit display, making it easy to read and operate. Integration with a smartphone app allows for detailed performance analysis, video overlay, and AR capabilities for stage planning​. Custom presets support live-fire, dry-fire, and airsoft training. Secure mounting options and firmware updates via the app ensure continuous top-level performance​.


The hardware features a huge display screen that’s very clear. It also has a very accurate sensor, usable with suppressors and in indoor ranges. You can set up the sensor however you want, so it only records your shots and not everyone else’s.

Smartwatch Integration

The shooting app is great for recording videos and stats. You can pair it with your smartwatch to change settings, start and stop the timer, and record all your shots. It even vibrates when the buzzer goes off, so you know when to start even if you can’t hear it.


You can set up stages and have someone else record your times. The app immediately calculates your hit factor for each drill. All data is saved and recorded on the app, including the date, activity, and shot timer’s data.

SG Timer is a professional timer for those who are serious about shooting. If you want to excel in IPSC, you need an accurate multi-functional training assistant, and the SG Timer is a good choice.

Match Mode in Drills App: Perfect for IPSC

In addition to meeting the criterias of a good IPSC shot timer, the SG Timer also has a number of advanced training features, including the Match Mode.

Match Mode in the Drills app lets IPSC shooters create and compete custom matches with friends. This is a great method for preparing for IPSC competitions.

Setup and Use

Create teams and matches directly in the application. You can customize the scoring, number of shots, different targets, shot delay and other parameters. After completing a match, enter your hits manually and the app will calculate your results by combining your accuracy and IPSC shot timer data.

*The application is free. The match mode does not require binding to the SG Timer, but it is recommended for more accurate results.

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