Best Shot Timer to Improve your Competitive Shooting

Best Shot Timer to Improve your Competitive Shooting

The days when shooters relied on stopwatches to time their stages in competitions or practice sessions are gone. The introduction of electronic shot timers has completely changed how shooters assess and enhance their performance. In this article, we’ll tell about the significance of shot timers in firearms training and competition and the reasons why they are indispensable tools for shooters of all levels. Additionally, we’ll highlight two best shot timers available today. And then you can choose which one suits your shooting style best.

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The Importance of Shot Timers in Firearms Practice and Training

The SMART acronym — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound — aptly encapsulates the essence of goal achievement. To improve shooting proficiency, one must meticulously track various metrics such as reaction time, draw speed, target transition, reload time, and shot cadence. Shot timers provide a precise means of capturing these crucial data points, enabling shooters to identify strengths and areas for improvement with precision.

Moreover, the adage “practice makes perfect” underscores the significance of deliberate, focused training. However, it is not merely repetition but rather perfect practice that yields mastery. Without tangible metrics to gauge one’s performance, shooters may fall into the trap of subjective evaluation, where perceptions of speed and efficiency may not align with reality. Shot timers serve as objective arbiters, offering concrete feedback on the efficacy of training drills and techniques.

Furthermore, shot timers bring a stress element into training sessions. “Why would I want to bring stress into my life?”. This will bring your training closer to real conditions. That is, it will make them more effective. The pressure of racing against the clock simulates the adrenaline-fueled competitive shooting environment, fostering resilience and composure under pressure. By incorporating timed drills, shooters can acclimate themselves to real-world scenarios’ demands, thereby enhancing their performance when it matters most.

Top Electronic Shot Timers for Training and Competition

There are two SG Timers to choose from:

  • SG Timer GO
  • SG Timer with U-Grip

In short, the first one is the most convenient, and the second one is the most functional.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of them.

SG Timer GO

SG Shot Timer GO

Simplicity meets reliability in the SG Shot Timer GO. Its construction ensures durability in any shooting environment. Top mounted display and simplified interface. So you can focus on your training without even removing the timer from your belt. SG Timer GO has just 2 buttons — Start / Stop and preset change. Drills mobile app expands the functionality of SG Timer more than you can imagine. Capture video with shot data, watch your progress, control the timer remotely, compete with and more. Up to 80 hours of continuous shooting on a single charge.

Minimal price | MAXIMUM features!

SG Shot Timer with U-Grip

Buy U-Grip magnetic holder for SG Shot Timer.

The most advanced sensor on the market! The SG Shot Timer with U-Grip seamlessly integrates with smartphones and tablets, offering enhanced data analysis and tracking capabilities. By leveraging Bluetooth connectivity, shooters can review and analyze their performance metrics with unprecedented granularity, facilitating targeted skill improvement.

One-handed operation and well-thought-out interface. There is plenty of information on one screen, and navigation takes a minimal number of clicks. The SG Timer is designed for regular shooting and dry practice sessions. Lightweight, splashproof — water resistant, easy to carry and operate. The screen of the SG timer is backlit and clearly visible in any condition.

The best shot timer on the market!


Shot timers are indispensable tools for honing skills, refining techniques, and achieving peak performance. By providing objective feedback and introducing a competitive edge to training sessions, these electronic devices empower shooters to reach heights. Whether for dry practice, range training, or competitive matches, investing in a quality shot timer is a surefire way to get the most of your skills. Every training will make you think “Today I did my best!”. So, next time you hit the range, remember to arm yourself with a trusted shot timer — and let the countdown to success begin.

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