Benefits of Training with a SG Shot Timer

Benefits of Training with a SG Shot Timer

Usain Bolt broke the world record by running 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. The second fastest runner is Tyson Gay. He ran this distance in 9.69 seconds. Just 0.11 sec made Usain the champion. This is why it is very important to have a tool that will measure the timing of your shots with maximum accuracy and allow you to achieve heights in your training. A shot timer is exactly what you need.

A shot timer is an advanced tool for shooters looking to enhance their skills in shooting. Before considering a shot timer, it’s vital to have mastered the fundamentals of handling a firearm, including drawing, aiming, and accurately firing at a target.

Enhancing Skills with a Shot Timer

A shot timer is crucial for recording and improving your shooting times. It challenges you to upgrade your performance, setting benchmarks for improvement. For instance, reducing your time to fire a set number of shots helps in pushing your speed and accuracy.

Modern shot timers, like the SG Timer, come with features that surpass traditional methods like stopwatches. They provide start signals and autonomously record the time between shots. This allows for detailed analysis of your performance, identifying areas for improvement.

This is how training with shooting timer may look like:

As you see, even top-tier shooters like world champion JJ Racaza use SG Timer for practice.

Training With Shooting Timer vs Without

Training with a shot timer involves setting up a specific drill or scenario where the shooter has to engage targets within a certain time frame. The shot timer emits a beep, signaling the start of the drill, and records the time it takes for the shooter to complete the task. Shooters can practice various skills such as speed, accuracy, and target transitions under time pressure.

Training without a shot timer lacks the element of time constraint. Shooters may engage targets at their own pace without external pressure to perform within a specific time frame. While this approach allows for a more relaxed environment, it may result in complacency and slower reaction times.

What type of practice do you think will be best for you when it comes to competition or actual combat? The ability to concentrate, react quickly, and act under pressure are the most important skills that are developed during training with a timer. Shot timers simulate real-life scenarios where shooters may face time constraints or pressure to act quickly.

The Shooters Global Smart Shot Timer Advantage

Designed specifically for disciplines like USPSA, IDPA and IPSC, the SG Timer is durable, waterproof, and dustproof, suitable for varied training conditions. It features an extra loud buzzer for start signals and is Bluetooth-enabled for easy data transfer to mobile devices. The accompanying Drills app is tailor-made for this timer, offering a unique way to plan, log, analyze, and share results.

Training Tips with a Smart Shot Timer

When training with a shot timer:

  1. Understand its features thoroughly.
  2. Start with simple drills focusing on one accurate shot at a time.
  3. Progressively increase the complexity of drills.
  4. Incorporate reloading and using multiple weapons as you advance.

Training with a shot timer can expose weaknesses and significantly improve your shooting capabilities, whether for competitive shooting, law enforcement, military purposes, or self-defense. Remember, proficiency under various conditions is key to effective shooting.


How exactly does a timer help in training?

The timer picks up the sound and compiles detailed exercise statistics. Based on this data, you can see your weaknesses and work on them, also using a timer.

Do I need a shot timer if I’m not a sports shooter?

If you use a gun as a hobby or for self-defense, a timer will also help you hone your skills.

Why buy a professional timer when I can use free mobile apps?

Shooting timers like SG Timer have a highly sensitive piezoelectric element. It picks up sounds much more accurately than any mobile device. When milliseconds count, this accuracy is critical. Plus, our timer is louder, more durable and waterproof. Moreover, using your phone as a timer is harmful to the phone, since the microphone membrane bursts from a strong air wave.

To sum up, if you just love shooting and don’t plan to reach the top in this hobby, you can do without a timer. But if you take shooting seriously and want to improve, a timer is your reliable assistant.

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