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Choosing the Right Shot Timer: Features to Consider

In this article, we will look at 6 selection criteria and 22 extra features that will help you decide on the choice of a shot timer. Let this help you make this important decision.


Accuracy is perhaps the most important characteristic of a shot timer. All other features will allow you to train more comfortably, but the accuracy of the timer determines your training’s progress.

Look for timers that provide precise measurements of shots to ensure reliable performance during practice or competition. Watch accuracy comparison of some popular timers in this video:

Typically, the more expensive the timer, the more accurate it is. The cheapest option is free smartphone apps. But their microphone is much less accurate than the piezoelectric element of a professional timer. SG Timer is one of the most expensive on the market, but it provides maximum accuracy. This is why it is used by shooting champions, including world champion JJ Racaza.

Battery Life

Ensure the timer has a long battery life, as frequent replacements or recharges can be inconvenient.

Shot Timer ModelBattery Type
SG TimerRechargeable (by USB-C cable or wirelessly). Up to 30 days of day to day use (or up to 100 hours of continuous shooting)
CED7000Rechargeable. About 40 hours of continuous use.
AMG Lab CommanderRechargeable, up to 17 days of occasional use.
RangeTech Bluetooth TimerRechargeable battery, 8 hours of use.
Pocket Pro II9-volt battery
Competition Electronics ProTimer IV9-volt battery
Pact Club Timer III9-volt battery

The benefit of a rechargeable battery is that you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. You don’t need to buy them and carry them with you all the time. At the same time, the battery charge lasts for a long time, since timers consume much less energy than mobile devices, for example.


Choose a shot timer that can withstand the environmental conditions and rough handling typical of shooting ranges.

Read reviews on Amazon and watch reviews on YouTube to check how durable a timer is. Water and dust resistance is a big advantage since you can practice in the desert and forest, even when it’s raining. For example, SG Timer with U-Grip is protected from dust and water by its sealed frame.

Size and Portability

A compact, lightweight shooting timer is preferable for easy transportation and use. Fastening is also important. For example, the timer can be attached mechanically to a belt or use a magnetic mount. This is not a key feature to consider, but it still affects the general experience.

Buzz Loud

Another important indicator is the volume of the sound signal. Shooting is very noisy, you know. If the timer is too quiet, it will not be heard in sound-cancelling headphones, or in the background of shots from other shooters.

  • SG Timer with U-Grip by Shooters Global has adjustable volume up to 87 Db, which is comparable to the volume of a lawn mower or subway train.
  • SG Timer GO is even louder: its max signal volume is 99 Db, which is as loud as chainsaw, or handheld drill.

If you use a smart watch, you can also connect SG Timer via Bluetooth — and your watch will vibrate, transmitting a timer signal.

Additional Shot Timer Features

We’ve covered the basics, but sometimes minor unique “killer features” can help make the final decision. Such additional features could be:

  1. Adjustable sensitivity
  2. Multiple start modes
  3. Shot memory
  4. Statistics
  5. Activity calendar
  6. Dry practice
  7. Shot Detection and timing
  8. Bluetooth connectivity
  9. App compatibility
  10. Battery life Indicators
  11. Different mounting options
  12. Par time settings
  13. Match mode
  14. Presets
  15. Remote discoverability
  16. Delayed start
  17. AR mode
  18. Stages manager
  19. Audible tones
  20. Backlit display
  21. One-hand usage
  22. Warranty

And this is not even the full list…

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Shot timers prices vary from about $120 up to about $300. Balance your budget with the features you need — don’t overpay for features that aren’t useful to you. At the same time, we do not recommend saving on the timer. It is as important as your gun. You just need to buy a good timer once and it will be your reliable training partner for many years.

Compare two shot timers: SG Timer vs SG Timer GO