Competitive shooting

How to Use Shot Timer for Competitive Shooting in Match Mode

Training with friends is more fun than training alone, and you’re probably looking for opportunities to compete. There is such a possibility. And now we will show you how it works.

The match mode on Drills automatically saves shot timer results and allows you to mark hits. The application creates shortcuts and shares the results with all match participants. This allows you to accurately measure the results of each shooter and maintain standings. With the match mod, you spend less time recording results and can fully focus on shooting.

You can have fun with your friends at the range or even host larger events with multiple stages and squads — all for free and without ads. All you need is the Drills app and any shot timer.

Download Drills app for training and competitive shooting: AppStore | Google Play.

How to Run a Match Mode

Before starting, make sure to add the participants as friends on the Drills app. Simply go to profiles, find friends, search by their name, and send a request. Once they accept, you can include them in your match. In the match mode, you’ll find options to set up your stages at the top, and below that, you can manage the shooters and select the required targets. If you want to add multiple stages or have many participants, you can organize them into squads.

From the app, you can import time directly from the timer and simply mark the hits. The match remains active in your app until you mark it finished, which is perfect if the event spans several days.

Note: We recommend using SG Timer or SG Timer GO, because these are the only timers that can be connected to the app by Bluetooth. If you’re using a different timer, you still can use the app and create matches, but you will need to write down the results manually on a score sheet.

Tap the icon in the top right corner to wrap up your match. In the activity feed, you can check out the top performers and even view and download results in a CSV file from the web. The results, including videos, will be automatically imported into each participant’s account. Sharing results is seamless.

Popular Competitive Shooting Disciplines

  • USPSA is the most popular shooting discipline with over 31,000 members in the US. This is a national governing body of practical shooting in the US under the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).
  • IDPA focuses on using practical gear and full-power ammo in real-world self-defense scenarios, aiming at individual’s skills and abilities.
  • 3-Gun, unlike USPSA and IDPA, lacks a formal governing body and involves competition in pistol, shotgun, and rifle categories, often featuring longer stages with various obstacles, with rules varying by club or match.

You can study the rules of these disciplines and apply them in your matches.

Sensitivity Settings

Shooting timers by Shooters Global have very sensitive sensors that allow you to separate shots from different shooters. This means that two or more shooters can shoot at the same time, and each timer will record the results of its shooter, without being distracted by others’ shots. Just calibrate the sensitivity in the settings — and then you can train next to other shooters, even when you are in the same room with no solid walls between you.

Learn more about SG Timers for competitive shooting here.