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Train Smarter, Not Harder: How Shot Timers Improve Training Efficiency

As you level up your skill, your range bag gets bigger and bigger. At first, you just need weapons, ammunition and basic protection. Over time you will need more advanced things such as belts, grip enhancers and so on. We recommend getting a shot timer as early as possible, as it is not just a convenient accessory, but an essential tool for training.

In this article we will look at how a timer improves the effectiveness of your training. At the end we will compare two shooters: David and Sam. One trains with a shooting timer, and the other doesn’t have any.

Knowing, not Guessing

Shot timers are like performance coaches for shooters, offering valuable data and mimicking real-world situations to improve training efficiency. They track shooting speed, accuracy (by recording shots fired), and split times (time between shots). This data helps shooters identify strengths and weaknesses.

With a baseline established, shooters can track progress over time. You can see if they’re getting faster while maintaining accuracy, a key goal for many.

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Train Smarter, Not Harder: How Shot Timers Improve Training Efficiency

Realistic Training Scenarios

The unpredictable start time on a shot timer replicates the stress of a real-world situation where threats may appear suddenly. This helps shooters practice staying calm and focused under pressure, leading to better decision-making and shot placement.

Competitive shooting and self-defense often require a balance between speed and accuracy. By incorporating time pressure, the timer forces shooters to find that balance during training.

Overall, shot timers provide objective feedback that allows shooters to train smarter, not just harder. They can tailor their drills to address specific weaknesses and measure their improvement towards becoming a more well-rounded shooter.

This is why any professional shooter is sure to have a good shot timer in his range bag. For example, JJ Racaza always carries an SG Timer.

Same Efforts — Different Results

Imagine there are two friends, Sam and David, who both love going to the shooting range. Sam is a stickler for data and loves gadgets, so he recently bought a professional shot timer. David, on the other hand, prefers a more traditional approach, focusing on lining up his sights and squeezing the trigger smoothly.

At first, their training seems similar. They both hit the targets with decent accuracy, but Sam tracked his results constantly, looking down at the timer, seeing his split times and the time between each shot. He wanted to be better, and he knew exactly what he needed to work on. David, meanwhile, was content with his pace, enjoying the rhythm of aiming and firing.

Come competition day, the difference was clear. Sam drew his pistol with a lightning-fast motion and fired two shots in a blink, barely missing a beat. David, while still accurate, was noticeably slower. They spent the same amount of time and effort training, but the results were obviously different.

Every shooter at the beginning of its journey stands at a fork in the road: follow the Sam’s or the David’s path. If you shoot infrequently and don’t plan on getting great at it, that’s ok, you can live without a timer. But if the result is important to you, a timer is a must.

Train Smarter, Not Harder: How Shot Timers Improve Training Efficiency

Choose the right path now — and save your time.

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Can shot timers be used for training with all types of firearms?

Most shot timers are suitable for all main types of guns, including pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, automatic guns and even airsoft firearms.

Can I use a shooting timer for dry fire practice?

Yes, shot timers like SG Timer have a Dry Fire mode, perfect for efficient dry practice.

How do shot timers store my training activities?

To conveniently store session results, you can use a special application — Drills. Timers by Shooters Global can be synched via Bluetooth to save timer’s data automatically.