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Shot Timer & Drills App For Shooting: Stronger Together

A shot timer is a great tool for shooting practice. Much has already been said about this, including in this article. But this time, we want to talk not about timers but about an application that expands their capabilities. The Drills app was designed specifically for shooters who train with shot timers and want to achieve better results. The application synchronizes with a timer via Bluetooth, collects advanced statistics and offers many training modes.

In this article, we will look at several features of this application.

Timer Accuracy + App Convenience

The first thing you need to understand is that Drills works together with your existing shot timer. This app (or all other similar apps) cannot match the accuracy of a professional timer.

This app is a game-changer. It lets you record video while the timer tracks your shots, giving you a real-time performance breakdown. No more guessing – you can see exactly where you need to improve. Plus, you can control the timer from your phone, focusing on hitting your target, not fiddling with buttons. 

But let’s look at the app’s unique features, which you cannot achieve using the SG Timer alone.

This is why professional shooters use SG Timer in conjunction with the Drills app.

Drills goes way beyond basic timing. It allows you to:

  • Use different training modes
  • Record videos
  • Update shooting timer firmware
  • Store results in an interactive calendar
  • Build stages
  • Open new ways of programming the shot timer
  • Run mini matches
  • Save presets
  • Create your own stages
  • Compete with other shooters.
  • And more…

Now we will tell you everything in more detail.

Training Modes

The Drills app lets you start a shooting session in a few ways. You can see them in the “Shooting” section of the app’s bottom menu. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Free Shooting. This is like a remote control for your timer. It records video, time, number of shots, and more.
  • Quick Stage. This is similar to Free Shooting, but you can also select targets to practice with. After you finish, you can mark your hits on the targets in the app to track your accuracy.
  • Stage Library. This is like Quick Stage, but you can build the entire stage yourself. You can create a 3D model on your phone, view it in augmented reality, and even share it with others.
  • Training. This lets you create custom drills with specific times, delays, and pauses between repetitions. You can name them for easy tracking and choose between classic mode (with start/end signals) or smart mode (captures trigger pulls).

This is what a stage looks like in the app.

The application helps recreate the conditions of a real competition or battle to improve the quality of preparation. You can also install ready-made presets for the timer to quickly switch between different training modes.

Track Your Progress, Achieve Your Goals

The Drills app keeps a record of your shooting activity, so you can see how you’re improving over time. It even offers personalized settings and keeps your data secure. 

All training results are saved in the “Activity” and “Profile” sections. “Activity” is your interactive training journal. Every time you connect your SG Timer to the app, the data is synchronized automatically.

To navigate between days, you can swipe the calendar row or tap the “Calendar” button. This is what it looks like.

You Are Not Alone

The Drills app also offers “Feed” and “Events” sections where you can interact with other shooters within the app.

Feed is a social network for shooters within the app. Share results, chat, and find friends to chat with. Events is where you can browse shooting stages created by other users. View the stage, walk through it virtually, or even see it in augmented reality. You can also create your own stages with the editor.

Stronger Together

With its seamless integration with shot timers, powerful features, and focus on user experience, Drills is the ultimate tool for serious shooters.

1) Buy a timer to measure your results accurately.

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2) And download the Drills app for more training features.

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